In 2017 Liberty Minecraft’s greatest challenge was (and remains) it’s greatest strength. Free competition for scarce resources is that great challenge. Our players must find peaceful ways to solve difficult problems. That experience is valuable. Answering unanswered questions is the reason Liberty Minecraft was created.

Our world, like the real world, is finite. Including all three of Minecraft’s dimensions, Liberty Minecraft is roughly twelve times the size of Manhattan Island. The End is the largest dimension among them, representing over 80% of all claimable space. Even here competition for space is thriving.

In August that year, The Bazaar was surrounded. The Bazaar is Liberty Minecraft’s original trading platform with player owned and operated shops. The events that month presented a considerable obstacle; The Bazaar could only be expanded at a considerable expense. By November it was clear that the cost would be too high. I decided to begin again.

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