In Liberty Minecraft, Wheat Farmer is the definition of entry level work. Pre-production capital requirements are nil: if you know how to punch grass and make a hoe you can build a wheat farm in less than five minutes.

On March 1 2016, an inefficient Wheat Farmer earned $120 an hour. This would buy 24 Cooked Steak, 0.04 Diamond Pickaxes, or 0.13 Iron Blocks. The Wheat Farmer can eat well, and that’s about it.

By August 1 2017 the same Wheat Farmer made $135 an hour. The bump in pay occured as price margins narrowed from a bid/ask of $20/$25 to $22/$24. One hour of wheat farming could buy 270 Cooked Steak, 0.8 Diamond Pickaxes, or 15 Iron Blocks. Purchasing power has increased more than ten-fold.

The life of a Wheat Farmer is one of manual labor. NullCase attempted to automate the process in May, 2017 but failed, only managing to produce automatic bread.

The range of uses for wheat are far larger compared with bread. It was a failure, but that innovation reduced the prices of carrots and potatoes by over 99%.

On August 10th SrvicenteHD cracked it. Automated wheat farms instantly took over the market. Over the course of just five days wheat prices fell by 96.9%.

Our same Wheat Farmer now earns $4 per hour. This $4 now buys 75 cooked Steak, 0.02 Diamond Pickaxes, or 0.44 Iron Blocks. Except for Diamond tools, a Wheat Farmer today is still better off than a Wheat Farmer one year ago. This fact remains true even after a pay cut of greater than ninety percent!

What will the poor Wheat Farmer do? Stop farming wheat!

The Wheat Fields at Spawn have been replaced with Nether Wart. Nether Wart Farmers currently make $165/hr.