Late last month Alienslayer8 invented a commodity exchange which automatically offers flexible prices that depend on supply and demand. Really.

Here’s the details:

  • Players create a ChestShop by attaching a Sign to a Chest with the quantity to trade, the price, and the item name written out.
  • A Hopper can move items, often from one container to another.
  • ChestShops are one type of container.
  • Using Hoppers, Alienslayer8 connected ChestShops together in a Stack.
  • The ChestShop at the top has the lowest prices.
  • The ChestShop at the bottom has the highest prices.
  • When items are sold Hoppers move them down the Stack, filling the Stack from the bottom up.
  • When lower ChestShops are full items become available for sale higher up the Stack (at lower prices).

In other words, as supply increases price decrease. As demand increases price increases. It all happens automatically.

Ordinarily, adjusting prices takes time. Filling out a ChestShop’s sign is a tedious process and mistakes are expensive! Typing the the wrong price or quantity can cost thousands – I know from experience. Also, guessing a market price is inefficient. The market is just too complicated.

Alienslayer8’s innovation saves effort, money, and it offers market prices on location in real time. He even commissioned a redstone pro to add indicator lights. These lights show which ChestShops in the Stack have inventory. This helps customers trade at the best available price!

This writer expects to see ChestShop Stacks in use throughout Liberty Minecraft. Alienslayer8’s Commodity Exchange is located at Alien’s Landing, accessible using the Portal Network from Spawn.