The cost of health care in Liberty Minecraft is down 25,000% in five months. Health potions, once sold on the open market for $50 each are now 20 cents.

Here’s the details:

Chemists produce three potions using the following materials:

  • 1 golden melon slice (1 melon slice + 8 gold nuggets),
  • 1 nether wart,
  • 3 water bottles,
  • a pinch of blaze powder (as fuel)
  • and either 1 gunpowder (for splash potions) or 1 redstone (for health II potions).

A series of events has reduced all material prices.

Here’s the story:

For nearly two years a Witch Farm has provided cheap gunpowder, glass bottles, and redstone. An automated potion machine developed at the same time continues to provide easy-to-make potions.

In April a new melon farm reduced the cost of melons. For a month Melons remained in high demand for cheap emerald production. This created a floor under the Melon price. In May an automated crop farm replaced melons as the most economical way to produce emeralds. Melon prices fell.

Then, increased competition among melon producers lead to a price war. The original farm design which took the world by storm is offline at the time of writing; replaced by better positioned farms with more competitive operators. Melons slices sold on the open market have fallen from $0.375 each in February to under $0.016 each.

The only expensive material left was Gold. That all changed at the end of May with a new gold farming operation. In just one month the market price of Gold has fallen by over 99% from $1000 to $4 per block.

The unit material cost of a basic health potion is now less than 7 cents. No substitution of materials was required. A source familiar with the matter says quarterly profits are up on increased sales, more than offsetting narrower margins. This writer expects healthcare costs will continue to decline.