In Liberty Minecraft players are free to claim any unclaimed land. A claim owner has the exclusive right to decide who can use a land claim, including everything on it. Occasionally a player neglects to claim things they depend on. Like water, shelter, food, tools, lumber… the list is long because it’s a list of everything.

On some of those occasions when a player doesn’t claim what they depend on, someone else does. Then it is lost to them, perhaps for good. In Liberty Minecraft mistakes have a cost – a game to be sure but the lessons are real.

That’s what happened through July and triggered a cascade of events, and it started beneath the surface of Liberty Minecraft’s largest town: Spawn.

Image from 2016. Click for Spawn Village 2016-2017 gif

Liberty Minecraft Spawn Village 2016-2017

Spawn is the location all players find themselves when they first enter Liberty Minecraft. If a player dies they’re returned to Spawn. If a player becomes lost they may find their bearings with the command /spawn. The Diamond Exchange where players convert diamonds into money is located in Spawn. It’s no wonder. Spawn is the oldest and largest town in Liberty Minecraft, but we’re just scratching the surface.

Beneath the ground lies a seemingly endless maze of tunnels, wires, contraptions, and forgotten corridors. Millions of cubic meters have been excavated under these cobble roads as players search for high value minerals: iron, gold, diamonds, redstone, lapis, obsidian, emerald, and coal. No player has seen Liberty from this perspective before now.

One player is named RadioactiveLee. He decided to contribute something to spawn. Starting in June he created an elaborate castle with high walls and plans for the future, but he forgot to claim the area just outside his front gate.

Another player is named dust_eater. He’s developed a particular strategy for securing mineral rights. The details are unclear but it’s effect is simple: claim the land, mine it’s valuables, and carry on. So far dust_eater has secured more than 140,000 square meters of land, mostly around Spawn. The land claim pictured below is over 12,000 blocks in size, and many of his claims are like this.

Those two rows of gold ‘blocks’ you see? They display when players check for land claims, indicating the boundary.

So, on June 27th dust_eater also claimed the patch of land that RadioactiveLee had neglected. By failing to guard his front gate RadioactiveLee now had no idea whether it’d be reachable in the future.

All of those gold ‘blocks’ display when players check for land claims. They indicate where land claims are.

Drama ensued. By his own standards, RadioactiveLee interpreted dust_eater’s actions as rude. I took issue with this and after trying to find a good way to deal with a difficult problem I failed. And dealt with it poorly. I will continue to work hard and improve as time goes on.

In response, RadioactiveLee decided to claim dozens of areas around spawn in the manner he experienced: previously unclaimed bridges, paths, forests, fish farms, and everything in between were claimed in a matter of hours. To raise funds for this endeavour he liquidated some of his most valuable assets, selling items like Elytra Wings and Beacons worth more than $200,000 in all.

RadioactiveLee behaved rudely by his own standard. By my standard he’s done something really good. His goal was to contribute to Spawn and finally he did. Others may learn the lesson that he experienced. He also contributed to the economy by selling assets at prices that others were willing to pay. I’ll have Elytra Wings in stock for weeks to come and Edzo was thrilled to buy Beacons at a discounted price. He bought two!