Liberty Minecraft is a practice environment for people to learn liberty by playing it.

  1. Reasoning from First Principles: Liberty Minecraft is developed from first principles. I use these specific principles to define goals, make decisions and self-govern. Morality: preferences are not objective. I can only learn what’s good for you from you. Logic: a logically inconsistent argument is wrong. An incomplete argument cannot be proven. Evidence: test ideas. Claims about reality which disagree with the evidence are wrong.
  2. Morality: Our players have just one rule which governs their moral conduct: Resolve nonviolent disputes with nonviolence. It means we try to change each other’s minds using logic and evidence. Its means we absolutely respect the personal preferences of others. When confronted with non-violence, any user who resorts to threats of violence or uses violence will not be allowed on the server.
  3. Property: In Liberty Minecraft property is defined using computer code. By converting money into claim blocks at a fixed rate, you can claim any unclaimed area as your property.
  4. Property Rights: You are the sole owner of everything you claim. If it is not your claim, it is not yours. You have the exclusive right to decide when and how your property can be used, and by whom. No one can use your property without your first permitting it.
  5. Freedom: You are free to use your property however you wish. You are free to travel anywhere you are able to travel. You are free use unclaimed land or the privileges extended to you by landowners however you prefer. There are no limitations on these freedoms.
  6. Personal Responsibility: Every player may decide whether to protect their belongings from the elements and from others. Our players are free to take risks and bare the consequences. No rule requires one to provide to another (either time or effort or property). When a property owner grant someone permission to use their property, the trusted party is free to use this permission as they wish. In this way, players can learn to evaluate who they can trust, and when.
  7. Free Markets: All of your property can be freely traded by you with whomever you choose at any rate you prefer. There are no limitations on trade. If you claim land, you can put it up for sale; you can sell management rights to it. You can even sell its soil, minerals, water. Players may choose to claim land and create a market. They can even sell their labor.
  8. Capitalism: We get this one for free! Morality and Free Markets are sufficient for Capitalism to flourish, and it does. When our players get ahead as a consequence of providing goods and services to each other, they gain wealth by making other people better off. Competition reigns, and those who succeed and become wealthy do so only by providing value to others.
  9. Justice: You can fire me. Liberty Minecraft is market facing. I am the sole owner-operator of Liberty Minecraft. If I make a bad decision, my incredible supporters will tell me by freely choosing to end their support. I am accountable to you. Whether I succeed or fail depends on your free choices. Whether I survive as an entrepreneur depends on my ability to make sound decisions, compete effectively, and win in the free market at large.

Thank you for taking the time to consider how Liberty Minecraft works. For more information visit