In Liberty Minecraft diamonds are used as money. All of the money that exists in the world is diamonds. Except for barter, all prices are expressed in terms of diamonds. If you see a price of $100, the price you see is one tenth of a diamond.

Obtaining Money:

Players may obtain money in two ways: create it or earn it.

Creating Money:

To create money, convert a diamond into $1000 or convert a claim block into $20. The conversion rate is fixed. No conversion fee or tax is charged. When a player converts a diamond into $1000, that diamond becomes $1000. When a player converts a claim block into $20, the claim block becomes $20.

∴ 1 diamond == $1000 == 50 claim blocks.

Diamonds and money are converted at the Diamond Exchange located near /spawn (see image below)

Claim Blocks are converted by typing the commands: /buyclaim and /sellclaim.

Earning Money:

Diamond money may be earned through trade with other players. Those who wish to earn money typically provide goods, services, or facilities to others in exchange for money. All trade is voluntary. There are no constraints on trade.

Using Money:

Money can be used in 4 ways: sell it, give it, exchange it, or destroy it.

Sell Money:

When I sell goods to you for money, you are also selling money to me for goods. This may sound counterintuitive on first exposure, but I have found thinking in this way to be valuable and prefer to do so here.

Selling money occurs during trade. Players may sell money in exchange for whatever they want.

Give Money:

Money is property. You are free to do with it as you wish. By using the command “/pay” a player may give money.

Exchange Money:

As noted above, money can be exchanged for Claim Blocks or Diamonds.

Destroy Money:

Diamond money can be destroyed. If one converts $1000 into a diamond and throws the diamond into lava that $1000 is gone forever. If one uses the signs near spawn to change the weather or time of day the money they spend is destroyed. Players may find other ways to destroy money.

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