That’s a map of the whole world.

In minecraft, distance is measured in blocks – one block represents 1 meter cubed. Liberty Minecraft’s world is 7000 x 7000 blocks; about 19 square miles, roughly the size of Manhattan Island, New York.

The world is finite.

Land itself is among the many scarce resources that exist in Liberty Minecraft. One day we may run out – out of lava, quartz, and ores. We may run out of trees, water, even the dirt itself.

Liberty Minecraft’s players may have to solve difficult problems: can people have abundance and wealth in a world of finite resources without resorting to violence or threats of violence? I believe there’s no other way, but I test my ideas.

Liberty Minecraft is not perfect. It is – in part – an imperfect test of what I believe: that voluntary interaction, private property, free markets, and capitalism are sufficient incentives for wealth and abundance to develop in a finite world.

World Borders:

Our finite world is surrounded by an invisible barrier – a world border. If a player runs into a world border they will be repelled back. You can see what lies beyond the border, but not reach it. It’s just too far.

The Nether is just the same size as Liberty but The End is ten times larger. In The End, players may explore an area of 70,000 x 70,000 blocks. It takes a very long while to reach this border.

If a player is pushed backward by a world border, and would find themselves over the void they will instead be teleported to the spawn point for that world. All spawn points are as safe as the world itself.

Build Limits:

A build limit determines the vertical limit within which a player may place blocks and interact with the world. In Liberty, a player’s build limit is defined by their Path.

The User Path provides a build limit up to 96 meters above the void – 96 blocks. Every single player may build to this limit the moment they start playing. This has the effect of distributing development.

The Donor Path, beyond Level 1 provides increased build limits across Liberty. Your new build limit depends on your Donor Level. At the higher levels you may build in areas of the world like the tallest mountain peaks; both rare and coveted.

Donors also gain access to areas that have been provided by other Donors within their new build limit: exclusive chests, hidden rooms, or shortcuts. In this way the value of your Donor Level is not fixed. Rather, it may provide more value to you as Liberty grows!

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*Satellite view of Manhattan is owned by google, being used here under fair dealing/fair use for educational purposes only.